European Carnival Youth

Europese Carnavals Joegd - Jeunesse Européenne de Carnaval - Närrische Europäische Jugend - Gioventú europeo carnevalesco

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European Carnival Youth: warm - open - tolerant

You're also Europe - do also YOU take part with your association! We all together want to show www that we in Europe are one big warm carnival family. We want together the Närrische Europäischen Jugend ( European Carnival Youth) in the coming weeks / months put in the center. Are you being also a part of it.


How will it works?

Create a short film, in which the subject “European Carnival Youth: warm - open - tolerant“ occurs in a way or another. Whether you play it, whether it is danced, whether it is sung, if you send a speech – no matter.


Make the film, put it online by youtube and nominate three carnival friends in Europe.

IMPORTANT: In the nomination must be necessarily specified our Hashtag #negju1617


Note: Because not all music, because of Gema, Buma Suisa, etc., can be played free of charge in the media we will send you a link to music contributions that you can use free of charge for your contribution.