European Carnival Youth

Europese Carnavals Joegd - Jeunesse Européenne de Carnaval - Närrische Europäische Jugend - Gioventú europeo carnevalesco

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European Carnival Youth: warm - open - tolerant

Members have on Saturday 25 June at the Annual General Meeting the new logo of the European Carnival Youth adopted.

Logo der NEG-Jugend ab 2016

You're also Europe- do also YOU take part with your association! We all together want to show www that we in Europe are one big warm carnival family. We want together the Närrische Europäischen Jugend ( European Carnival Youth) in the coming weeks / months put in the center. Are you being also a part of it.

European Carnival Youth with heart- in a labor-intensive conference weekend the meps of the member federations from the European Carnival Youth had intensif discussions about the future of fashing, fastnacht and carnival. Are you also the heart of your association and therewise the heart of the European Carnival Youth- all youthful young jesters from SLV, BCL, LIVEKE , German-speaking community , FCF, HEFARI, BÖF and BDK are members off the European Carnival Youth. Our new logo not only shows the great spotted community but also the cordiality that we through openness and tolerance can experience.